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Board of Directors'  BIOS

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Roy Mulder


Roy Mulder, a self-proclaimed fish sympathizer uses strong visual imagery of the ocean combined with active involvement in marine conservation to create the change that needs to happen. Learning scuba diving through the Canadian Armed Forces 37 years ago set him on his current path to devote his life to the creation of marine conservation areas in Canada.  He is a strong believer in community and has been active in numerous organizations and programming. 

Roy believes that we need to create a better connection between the scientific community and the public, so that people are aware of the state of the oceans.

Brunella Battista


Brunella Battista was born in Naples, Southern Italy - next to the ocean, where she became interested in nature because her father was an avid snorkeler. Brunella became a vegetarian when she was 16 and her love of animals made her get involved in a number of antivivisection groups.

Brunella is interested in human rights and she has been involved with minorities groups such as the Girlz Group and AWARE where she helped by volunteering, mentoring and editing videos.

Brunella is an experienced video producer

captain BB.jpg

Dr. Chris Harvey-Clark


Dr. Chris Harvey-Clark is currently the University Director of Animal Care at Delhousie University, and past Director of Animal Care at UBC.

He has been an integral member of the Canadian Marine Environment Protection Society for many years and has recently returned to sit on its board of directors. Dr. Chris Harvey-Clark brings unparalleled knowledge in marine mammals, turtles, animal care, ethics and environmental conservation. He is an avid diver and is renown for his underwater footage.

Tony Webb


Tony Webb was born and raised in southern England. He migrated to Canada to work as a junior engineer at the Steel Company of Canada in Hamilton, Ontario, where during his training in the metallurgical laboratory, his keen interest in the natural sciences was kindled by the supervisor of that department who was a renowned ornithologist.  Tony remains an avid bird watcher but his interests have expanded to include the protection of many other marine and land animal species such as whale, wolf and especially bear.


Karl Fellenius

Howard Been


Karl has three decades of scientific research and technical diving—conducting marine ecosystem surveys, environmental impact and ship grounding damage assessments, over-the-reef outfall alignment, and reef restoration. He specializes in Pacific atoll coral reefs, with significant experience in the Marshall Islands including Kiribati and Tokelau. His academic background is in Oceanography and Geology (Bsc., 1990) from Dalhousie University in Halifax and UBC in Vancouver, and then in Resource Management (MRM, 2002) from Simon Fraser University in Burnaby. As such, he has experience on both the east and west coast, and started diving in Halifax in 1985. He endeavours to make it to the north coast someday! Karl was active with various west coast NGOs throughout the late 80s and 90s, before turning his attention to the tropics. His early volunteer work with those organizations involved divers’ mooring buoys, MPAs, land-based finfish aquaculture, underwater clean-ups, and access for non-mechanized marine recreation. He currently travels and works between the islands – Vancouver Island and the Pacific Atoll Islands that is – in-as-much as the pandemic allows.


Terry Slack




Mr. Terry Slack was born in Nottinghamshire England  in 1941 and immigrated to Canada in 1948 to live on Iona  Island in the estuary of the North Arm of the Fraser River.Terry worked  for over 50 years in the commercial  fishing industry coast wide and as a master boat builder for B. C, Packers Ltd. and  the B.C. Forest Service for over 30 years. Mr.  Slack has always cared about the environment: he worked as a volunteer on the Save the Skagit  Valley campaign for S. P. E. C. has been a member and director of the Fraser River Coalition for over 40 years, is a founding member and director of the Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society in Vancouver

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