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The Canadian Marine Environment Protection Society (CMEPS) is a registered charitable society working to educate Canadians about the need to protect the ocean's remaining natural ecosystems for their biological and cultural importance, now and for the future.

Ocean Conservation
Marine Protected Areas
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Children and adults alike can join CMEPS President Roy Mulder and Teaching Artist Deidre Potash for art workshops that make positive change happen.

If you would like to schedule workshops for your students or school, please contact us.

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Since 1992, volunteers for CMEPS have gathered information on the plight of Canadian Arctic marine mammals from sources such as the Canadian government, independent scientists and international committees that work to protect and/or consume whales, seals and polar bears. CMEPS uses this information to publish attractive reports that are very educational and easy for the general public to study 

We are working to make all our publications available online. Please keep checking in.

Glass Sponge Habitat Protection
Ocean Conservation

We cannot expect to have a healthy ocean that can support us if we do not provide the conditions for that environment to flourish. Damaged ecosystems need time to recover, just like patients need time to get better. Preserving these crucial areas gives much-needed respite to the plants and animals that support our larger but fragile ecosystem. 

Updates to programs related to ocean conservation will be here. Please keep checking in

Rockfish Nurseries
Glass Sponge Habitat Protection

A delicate 
lifeforms that might help filter ocean water gives us a glimpse of its beauty in BC waters. Sustaining a plethora of marine life, these delicate areas need our most determinate protection and CMEPS has been involved in its documentation and actively supported their creation.

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Ghost Nets Awareness
Rockfish Nurseries

Rockfish cannot survive once they have been fished out and then thrown back in the water. They need, like most species, a safe place to reproduce and let their young develop into strong adults.

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Captivity Elimination