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Captivity Elimination

As much as it is beautiful to see these magnificent marine beings up close and safely, we cannot forget that we have condemned these innocents to a life of pain and mental illness, to unnatural conditions, and often to a violent kidnapping from the wild and an inescapable life in the confines of a tank filled with toxic water.

We believe animals should be observed in their wild and natural habitat from a safe and respectful distance or using immersive experiential technology like VR and 3D motion rides, for example.



Capturing fish and animals comes with all sorts of violence and pollution

animals should be studied in their natural environment and with no duress imposed on them

no animal should be deprived of its right to live in its own natural environment and in freedom


We advocate for a world free of captivity

examine better strategies for studying, protecting

and conserving marine animals

stop the exchange of captive animals with and without scientific excuses


don't buy tickets to places or events that exploit animals or keep animals

boycott venues and businesses that support all forms of captivity

don't watch movies, or support and/or participate in any form of entertainment that uses live or dead animals

A little bit of CMEPS history

In the past, CMEPS has actively participated and openly spoken in public meetings on the topic of the Vancouver Aquarium, on the TV news, and in the paper.

Sea Turtle
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