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Mooring Buoys

The main focus of the Mooring Buoy Project has been to install mooring buoys in an attempt to shield reefs from anchor damage. The Underwater Council of British Columbia and CMEPS were instrumental in spearheading this project.

"The purpose of the buoy is to provide temporary mooring for a dive boat on the reef without having to drop an anchor and thus damage the extensive bottom life around the reef. The buoys will help protect the underwater environment for present and future divers at the various sites, and preserve a unique and fragile environment"

Divers Preparing for Dive


to define emerging threats to

Canada's oceans and marine


to advance the creation of marine

protected areas (MPAs)

and to improve the protection and

conservation of threatened marine



review major areas of marine

ecosystem vulnerability and


examine strategies for protecting

and conserving marine ecosystems

and animals,

and produce consensus on

achieving milestones towards this



Moore to a buoy rather than anchoring anytime you can

study the area before you boat and fish around it; be responsible, clean after yourself and don't kill, injure or disturb the wildlife

pressure your politicians to develop sustainable policies for marine exploitation.

A little bit of CMEPS history

Our President has helped relocate sponges in the Faroe islands

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