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Rockfish Nurseries

Rockfish have a lifespan of over 100 years. They don't reach good breeding potential until they are over 20 tears old.


Rockfish are often hauled on board when people go salmon fishing. When caught, even as bycatch, rockfish are sentenced to certain death.


A rockfish cannot survive after being caught: their air bladders do not allow them to return to the deeper waters they inhabited after being caught.

CMEPS advocates for a full fishing closure model to truly protect and conserve rockfish, rockfish nurseries, and conservation areas.

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protecting rockfish is a long term commitment

to advance the creation of marine

protected areas (MPAs)

and to improve the protection and

conservation of threatened rockfish


discudd a full closure model for rockfish nurseries

examine strategies for implementing and enforcing protection 

and produce consensus on

achieving milestones towards this



respect and don't fish in marine protected areas

ask your politicians to develop the regulations necessary to safeguard rockfish nurseries

stop eating fish, since most fisheries are now past the sustainable point and many species have been fully exploited.

A little bit of CMEPS history

Not everyone is a vegan at CMEPS, but many vocal animal activists have been on our board.

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