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Marine Mammals in the Canadian Arctic

Rapidly shrinking ice caps pose a powerful and certain threat to the well being of many mammals in the Canadia Artic.

Pollution, hunting, shrinking food supply and unprotected  oceans, are only a few more issues effecting the longevity of many species in the Artic.

CMEPS advocates for the conservation of coastal areas and ocean depths, protection from agricultural and municipal runoffs, stop to freighters cutting their way through the Arctic ice, and at least a temporary moratorium on Arctic hunting and exploration

Polar Bear on Rocks


Capturing fish and animals comes with all sorts of violence and pollution

animals should be studied in their natural environment and with no duress imposed on them



To protect unique areas and species

To examine better strategies for studying, protecting

and conserving marine mammals in the Artic

For countries to collectively stop the exploitation of crucial habitat


don't buy tickets to places or events that exploit animals or keep animals

boycott venues and businesses that support all forms of captivity

don't watch movies, or support and/or participate in any form of entertainment that uses live or dead animals

A little bit of CMEPS history

CMEPS has previously published studies on marine mammals in the Arctic.

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